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Tax, today, is more complex than ever. Disruption, increased regulation and costs, plus new technologies require the tax practitioner to adapt to remain relevant. Once you think you’ve mastered your craft, the landscape changes.

Creating the tax business of the future

Chris Bray, Director of Bray Chan Chartered Accountants, speaks about how to create the tax business of the future, what effect the future will have on changing the client and people experience, and what embracing change and making a difference looks like.

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Rethinking the role of a tax professional

Grant Thornton’s National Head of Tax and Private Advisory Services, and former President of The Tax Institute, Steve Healey, speaks about why a new way of working is needed for tax professionals, how tax professionals can seize the opportunity this brings, and what will become critical to embrace as a future practitioner.

Navigating the digital landscape

Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills Chief Operating Officer Michael Cox speaks about the steps tax practitioners can take to address digital disruption in their profession, the technologies needed to operate an evolving tax practice, and why technology is so important in today’s business world.

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If you need to kick-start your career in tax, prove you have the skills and knowledge for a promotion, want to specialise in a certain area or dip your toe into formal tax education; this is the pathway for you.

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Harnessing the revolution

Dr Baden U’Ren, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Bond Business School, discusses how professionals can take advantage of disruption and “catch up with the wave.” Hear three strategies to benefit from the opportunities available and gain a framework to guide strategic decision-making so that you minimise risk.

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The future of tax - what's in it for you?

How different is the answer now to what it might have been 30, 20 or 10 years ago? Tony Slater, QC, explores the key differences in the tax industry today and provides insight into how to take advantage of the opportunities available today.

How the tax profession can stay relevant

The ATO isn’t reducing the traditional work of accountants. Technology and technological change is. It’s essential for practitioners to accept this fact and move forward.

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Investing in the future

"I believe it is incumbent on those of us who are able, to provide opportunities for employment, training and mentoring for the next generation of practitioners, particularly in the complex world of tax". 

- Matthew Pawson, CTA, former President of The Tax Institute

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